Gallery of Fine Arts in Split Hosts Central Celebration for Mediterranean Coast Day

Its location on the Mediterranean coast and status as one of Spain’s most cultural and cutting-edge cities means that you can sail in the early morning, attend stimulating courses at one of Spain’s most beautiful and sustainable campuses, round off your day by visiting one of the cities many museums or performing arts venues, and finally.

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We found this ancient city of 810,000 residents on the Mediterranean coast to be clean and safe yet deeply intriguing and always entertaining. Credit the Romans in 138 B.C. for founding Valencia; credit today’s Valencians for building a modern museum, where we strolled atop a glass floor and gazed down on those original Roman baths, tombs and.

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On September 25 the city of Split, or more precisely the Museum of Fine Arts, hosted the central regional celebration of the Mediterranean Coast Day 2018 which was attended by 100-odd participants.

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